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If you are looking for a Christmas town in Georgia, you should know that there is a lot to choose from. There are plenty of places to visit throughout Georgia during the Christmas season, including some that you would probably miss in any other season.

Friday will see the official Rose Parade and Street Dance, followed by the Georgia State Fair, with art in the park on Saturday and the Christmas Parade on Sunday. This includes the annual Christmas parade as well as the Christmas Flea Parade on the Southside.

End your day with a taste of Thomasville and experience some of the most tasty places in downtown to sample and sip. Experience the history of the city as you browse through the historic houses and museums on every corner.

Depending on the type of holiday event you are looking for, you can find it in Thomasville or Atlanta, Georgia, depending on the type of event. If you're looking for a special Christmas light show in Georgia, we recommend the charming light show at the Georgia Museum of Natural History. Sit in the pollinator garden, take a picture of the plants and marvel at the many beautiful plants and animals.

Thomasville has more than 1,000 roses in the city, which has to do with the fact that residents have the option of having their own private garden in their home. Outdoor care can be provided at Thomasville Botanical Garden, the largest garden of its kind in the country.

Since the spring of the 1920s, the city has hosted the annual Thomasville Rose Show and Festival, one of Georgia's most popular events. With more than 1000 varieties of roses from all over the country, this is fun for the whole family. The light magic and of course the decoration will surely be enough to tempt you to visit. For children there is a variety of activities such as a children's carnival, petting zoo and children's playground.

Next time you're looking for the Peach State for Christmas, Georgia has a lot of holidays to consider.

Country Oaks is also the only certified nine-hole footgolf course in the area that you can enjoy. Head to MacIntyre Park, grab a Frisbee, shop at the local grocery store or head to Country Oaks Golf Course for a game of golf. Thursday's kick-off begins at 6 p.m. with a live music performance by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, followed by a Christmas gift shopping for your family, friends, family members and neighbors.

Thomasville is home to several historical and cultural organizations, including the Thomasville Historical Society, the Georgia Museum of Natural History, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The focus is on bringing together the diverse community and presenting local and nationally renowned artists. Whether locals or visitors, you can find your way back to the bar to return with a handmade cocktail served by one of the best bartenders in town and a glass of wine or beer. It is not always just about family and friends coming together to experience a special event, but also a unique experience for the whole family.

Add to that a wide selection of local craft beers, wines and cocktails, and you have the perfect place to get some caffeine and a bit of food. Roast chicken, hot dogs, chicken wings and more will be available for more each time.

The collection of black historical monuments will be accessible to students of public schools all year round. Note the number of artifacts waiting for you at the Jack Hadley Black History Museum, which tells the story of African-American heritage.

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Thomasville Bed & Breakfast also welcomes guests to a large Victorian house of Queen Anne, surrounded by majestic oak trees. We continue to the ThomasVILLE History Center, where several historic buildings are on display that illustrate the history of the city and its winter resorts during the Civil War. Explore the historic city by chartering a bus and broaden your understanding of those who were here on holiday in the winter resorts of that time, as well as the local history.

Here you can stroll through the winter resort of the South, where you can walk past the famous Pine Hill Sinkola, the oldest winter sports resort in the United States. Take a photo with the living oak tree, which is more than 327 years old and has been visited by prominent guests such as President Eisenhower. Donat, you can also get a first-hand look at the PineHill Sinksola and visit the Thomasville History Center.

This area is known as the quail hunting capital of the world, whether you are on a tour or booking a quail hunt, it is located just a few miles south of Thomasville, Georgia, in the state of Georgia.

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More About Thomasville